Dear Eramosa Pastoral Charge members, adherents and community friends,

We are suspending all use of both church buildings , Barrie Hill and Speedside as public facilities until further notice because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

All gatherings are cancelled including worship, meetings and events.

This decision comes after consultation with leaders in our congregations, the Clerk of Session at Speedside, and the Chair of Barrie Hill Council. 

Although this  decision is not taken lightly or easily, I am confident that it is  prudent with the health and well-being of all of us in mind, and so I thank you in advance for your understanding.  We appreciate that many of you may perceive this decision to be pre-mature. However, others in both congregations have expressed the view that it is not early or overly cautious to take this action now – it is very appropriate based on the community and provincial actions we are seeing.  It is also very appropriate based on our church community demographic.

It is important that we continue to be connected, even if at a distance.

And so:

  • You can get updates about the status of the building on our website as well as Facebook (/barriehillunited) 
  • We will continue to send announcements and updates via email.
  • We will ensure that everyone in our congregation is contacted.
  • We will continue to explore ways we can care for one another.

If you know someone in the community who could use contact (doesn’t have to be a member) you can reach out to us. All calls will be confidential.  

Rev. Lynn Hamilton is just a phone call, text or email away for questions or care. If you know someone who would benefit from a phone call or one to one visit, please be in touch

To reach the Eramosa Pastoral Office or 519 763 0299. Your contact here is Cassie Hatch; Eramosa Pastoral Charge Administrator. We will be checking office email and phone messages regularly while working remotely from home.

We will continue to have worship.  Prayers, scripture, and the sermon will be distributed via DVD as soon as we put a process in place. Please follow the Barrie Hill FaceBook (  page (Speedside folks too) to stay up to date on news in your Barrie Hill and Speedside community churches.

You may be feeling relieved, worried, uncertain, or annoyed at perceived over-reaction and many other things about this pandemic.  A friend shared a viewpoint with me: we are in a place where as good and spiritual peoples we need to act with tender loving courage to ensure the most vulnerable among us are cared for.   And, remember, all will be well.  May we continue to hold one another with care and prayer.

 Peace. Love. Blessings,